White’s Ford Regional Park on the banks of the Potomac River is a jewel of nature and history.  Today, visitors can launch a car-top canoe or kayak into the Potomac River for a great day of paddling.  There is also a trail loop.  This is a rural park with minimal facilities.  If you want to observe nature, by foot or paddling on the river, this site offers a chance for a great get-away.

A century and a half ago, White’s Ford was a strategic location during the Civil War.  It was owned by Elijah V. White, who later owned the ferry 3.5 miles to the south which still bears his name.  White was a Confederate Cavalry commander who used this area of the river to carry out raids on Poolesville and other Maryland towns.  It was at this location where the Confederate Army crossed into Maryland on their way to the Battle of Antietam.  Further back in history, this was a place that was well known and used by Native Americans.


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