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Tracing a 40-mile route on two tributary waterways of the Chesapeake Bay, paddling adventures await as you explore a vast and changing landscape, spanning 13,000 years of human history, past 10,000 acres of public lands dedicated to resource conservation in northern Virginia. Interpretive exhibits located at eight access points present a tapestry of time and place — past,  present and future — each reveals a different facet of an extraordinary resource.
The 20 mile stretch of the Upper Segment begins on free-flowing, tree-lined Bull Run, which widens as it joins the Occoquan River, opening to an expansive, freshwater lake formed by the Occoquan Reservoir dam. The Lower Segment’s brackish, open waters pass marinas and protected marshlands along the Mason Neck Peninsula, on the wide expanse of the tidal Potomac River.
Remember that you are a guest while on the Occoquan Water Trail–minimize the impact of your visit as much as possible. Learn about, appreciate and enjoy the special nature of the trail!

Go to www.owlva.org for more information regarding the Occoquan Water Trial League

Paddle Tour Brochure 2014

General Information
• Don’t swim in the Occoquan Reservoir–our drinking water supply!
• Respect private property and others; minimize noise.
• Use designated trail access points and facilities while on the trail.
• Carry out your trash and any other trash you see.
• Do not feed, touch or disturb birds or wild animals; leave flowers, plants and rocks as you found them.
• Use land-based trails ONLY to access National Wildlife Refuges and the Fort Belvoir Refuges.



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