Cerulean Blues

12/11/2011 03:00 PM to 12/11/2011 04:30 PM
Reservation Required: Yes
A talk by Katie Fallon based on her new book of the same name. Ms. Fallon’s Cerulean Blues describes the plight of the cerulean warbler, a tiny migratory songbird, and its struggle to survive in ever-shrinking bands of suitable habitat. It is a story of international intrigue taking the audience from forests in Columbia to those in eastern North America. And, it will tie in everyday life from our morning cup of coffee to the electricity we use. Reservations are required. Call us at 703/528-5406. This talk will follow our Holiday Reception at the park which will be from 2-3pm. This program is co-sponsored by the Audubon Society of Northern Virginia and will appeal to a wide audience – non-birders as well as birders.

Contact Details:
Potomac Overlook Regional Park 2845 N Marcey Road Arlington, VA 22207 703-528-5406