Full Time Employment Benefits

NOVA Parks
Summary of Benefits for Full-Time Employees

                                                         HEALTH INSURANCE

Providers  NOVA Parks currently offers Kaiser Permanente, www.kponline.org and CIGNA, www.cigna.com.

Eligibility  Full time employees are eligible to participate in the health insurance program.  Participation is not mandatory.

Enrollment Requirements  Newly hired employees that elect coverage must enroll within thirty days of initial employment, or wait until the next open enrollment period. Applications must be received in the Personnel Office prior to the end of the thirty-day period.

Open Enrollment  Each October, employees are allowed to enroll, cancel coverage, enroll in a different plan, or change their coverage. Open enrollment is the only time when employees can change from one plan to another.  Insurance choices made during open enrollment are binding for the plan year. Employees who experience a qualifying change in family status during the year may change benefit election for the remainder of the year; however documentation is required.

Effective Date of Coverage  The effective date for changes during open enrollment will be the beginning of the new plan year, which is January 1. Eligible changes and new enrollments made during the year will be effective the first day of the following month that your completed application was received in Personnel.

Health Insurance Premiums The insurance companies charge premiums for each covered employee based on type of coverage selected. NOVA Parks pays 85% of the premium for employees with single coverage, and pays 75% of the premium for two-party and family coverage. Employees will have bi-weekly, pre-tax payroll deductions to cover their portion of the premium.

Employee Withholdings from pay are based on 24 pay periods per calendar year and will begin prior to coverage dates. Premiums are paid in advance. If your coverage begins or changes during the plan year, your withholding may need to be pro-rated.

Types of Coverage  NOVA Parks offers three levels of coverage:

  Individual:     employee only
  Two-party*:   employee and either spouse or dependent child
  Family*:         employee and two or more dependents

*An employee must be legally married to claim their spouse as a dependent for health insurance

coverage. An eligible child is defined as any child under 26 years of age. Documentation is required.

Plan Year  The plan years runs from January 1 through December 31.

Continuing Coverage After Employment  The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) requires NOVA Parks to offer qualified persons the opportunity to extend health insurance coverage after termination of employment (not including retirement).

Employee will be responsible for entire premium amount. 

                                                         DENTAL INSURANCE

Provider  DentaQuest.  www.Dentaquestdental.com

Eligibility  Full time employees are eligible with optional spouse and/or dependent (18 years old or under) coverage.

Enrollment Requirements  Employees must complete an enrollment form and select the DHMO or PPO plan.

Effective Date  Coverage begins on the first day of the month following receipt of application.  Enrollment must be within first 60 days of employment or during open season.

Dental Insurance Premiums  The Employee pays the entire monthly premium through bi-weekly payroll deductions.


Provider  TASC.   www.tasconline.com

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to claim a portion of your childcare and medical expenses as pre-tax dollars.  Enrollment is based on a calendar year.  Maximum Medical out-of-pocket expenses to be claimed may not exceed $2,500.00.  Dependent Care Expenses to be claimed may not exceed $5,000.00.  Enrollment forms are required.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM                                                        

The Employee Assistance Program is a free, confidential counseling service that helps you manage problems before they adversely affect your personal life, health and job performance.  Full time employees and their household members are eligible for EAP services. Enrollment forms are not required. Visit www.inovaeap.com for more information.


Eligibility  Full-time employees are eligible for coverage.

Enrollment Requirements  Employees must complete an enrollment form.

Effective Date  Coverage begins on the first day of the following month that you are hired.

Life Insurance Premiums  NOVA Parks pays the entire monthly premium.

Coverage for the employee is based on the annual salary rounded up to the nearest $1000.  Amount of coverage changes with salary. Employees may “buy-up” additional insurance for  themselves, their spouse and/or dependents. The premium for “buy-up” is based on employee age and amount of insurance purchased.

                                                     LONG TERM DISABILITY

Eligibility Full time employees are eligible for LTD coverage.

Enrollment Requirements  Employees must complete an application.

Effective Date  Coverage begins the first day of the following month that you are hired.  Employee must complete 90 days of continuous disability to receive a calculated disability benefit payment.

LTD Insurance Premiums  NOVA Parks pays the entire monthly premium.

Coverage is for the employee only.

Benefit Payment is a calculated monthly amount equal to the lesser of 60% of salary, or 70% of salary minus other benefit income (social security or other insurance) with a maximum of $5,000.00 per month and a minimum of $50.00.


Eligibility  Full time employees are automatically enrolled and covered.

Enrollment Requirements  Employees must complete beneficiary designation form.

Effective Date of coverage is the first day of employment, with the vesting schedule outlined in the retirement plan document.

Mandatory Withholdings  Employees contribute 5% of salary per pay period.  Employee contributions are pre-tax dollars.

Benefit Normal retirement age is 65 with at least five years of service; or when age and service equal 85 with a minimum age of 55. Normal retirement benefit is an annual annuity (payable monthly) determined by multiplying 1.9% times the number of years of creditable service times average final compensation. Various annuity forms are available which include survivor benefits which provide benefits to beneficiary with reduced benefits to retiree.

Retiree Health Insurance  Qualified retirees may continue to participate in the health insurance program.  Retirees are subject to the same rules and procedures as active employees. The Retirement Plan fund will pay a portion of the capped premium based on years of service.

                                                  DEFERRED COMPENSATION

Administrator  ICMA Retirement Corporation.  www.icmarc.org

Eligibility  Full time employees are eligible to enroll; participation is voluntary.

Enrollment Requirements  Full time employees may enroll at anytime.

Deferrals from employee salary are made on a bi-weekly basis with a maximum annual deferral of $17,500 (no employer contributions are made). Employees select investment options from a variety of choices.  Income taxes are deferred on these employee contributions until the funds are withdrawn. Taxes on any earnings and/or dividends are also deferred until withdrawal.  Funds may be withdrawn at termination of employment or retirement. Various alternative payouts exist.

                                                               CREDIT UNION

Eligibility Full-time employees are eligible to join the Fairfax County Federal Credit Union; participation is voluntary.

Enrollment Requirements  Employees may enroll at any time by visiting one of the Credit Union Branches and filling out their required paperwork. Proof of employment with NOVA Parks is required. You may use a pay-stub or Park Authority Employee I.D. card as proof.  Visit www.fairfaxcu.org for more information.


Annual Leave is accrued each pay period worked. Amounts of annual leave earned per pay period vary with length of service and are as follows:

4 hours/pay period for less than 3 years of service
6 hours/pay period for 3 but less than 15 years
8 hours/pay period for 15 or more years of service

During the first six months of employment (Probationary Period), newly hired employees may not use their accrued annual leave. Payment is made to full time employees for unused accumulated annual leave upon termination. This does not apply to Probationary Employees.

Sick Leave is earned at four (4) hours per pay period with no carryover limit. Payment is not made for unused sick leave at termination. The Park Authority does not participate in a “sick leave bank.”


The following 11 ½ holidays are observed:

  • New Year's Day                                            
  • Martin L. King Jr.’s Birthday                                   
  • President’s Day                                            
  • Memorial Day                                               
  • Independence Day                                        
  • Labor Day                                                     
  • Columbus Day                                              
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve (1/2 day)
  • Christmas Day

Presidential Inauguration Day is observed every 4 years.


Park PrivilegesYou and your immediate family (spouse and children under 18) will be issued park passes for use at certain park facilities. Some exceptions and limitations apply.

Direct Deposit of paychecks is suggested for all employees.

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