Summer Concert: Laurie Rose Griffith- Folk Rock

08/04/2012 07:00 PM to 08/04/2012 09:00 PM
Cost: Free/$5 Donation Requested
Musical performances by local groups are held at the stage/field every other Saturday evening during the summer. There is no admission fee, but donations of $5+ per person are requested as they help fund the series. Picnic suppers are welcome (no alcohol, please). No reservations required. Performer Description (taken from ): We have been playing music together since 1994, and have been married since 1995. We’ve played hundreds of shows all over the country, and have travelled the world together. We have recorded two CD’s of our own songs, as well as songs written by unsung songwriters who we are fortunate to know. Our repertoire is broad. We are versed in traditional and contemporary folk music, music from the British Isles, lots of pop, rock and jazz, as well as a large body of original music. We are a fully functional duo. We both sing, and between us we play guitar, mandolin, string bass, and harmonica. We also often work as a trio or quartet with our good friends Kent Ippolito, and Henry Hubbard, who bring a variety of stringed instruments and vocals to the mix. Our first CD, Tocoi Light, won a WAMMIE for Best Debut Album Of The Year, and we have been nominated for a bunch of other ones as well. We were finalists in the Kerville Newfolk Song Competition, and were nominated for the Virginia Governors Award for Artistic Excellence. We’ve played the Philadelphia Folk Festival, The Birchmere, The Kennedy Center and countless bars, house concerts, spring, summer and fall festivals, wineries... and we never tire of it! We played full time for a couple of years until we decided that balancing a performing career with a steady income created a more desirable lifestyle. We still managed to play about 90 shows a year until this year, when we gave birth to our first child, Adrian Rose. We still play almost every week, but raising our daughter has become our primary focus. Laurie earned a Masters Degree at Ohio University in International Development and, after playing full time for a few years, landed a job in DC, where she worked on projects for the federal government in drug and alcohol research. She relinquished her commute to DC a couple of years ago to work for Marstel-Day, an environmental consulting firm in Fredericksburg. Peter has managed Picker’s Supply, a stringed instrument shop in Fredericksburg, since 1980, which has been a great base of operations for him as a performer, teacher and author.

Contact Details:
Potomac Overlook Regional Park 2845 N Marcey Road Arlington, VA 22207 703-528-5406